Extraordinarily quiet, always private, and extremely effective


Experienced fiduciaries

Without law enforcement bias

Investigators with special capabilities

And global reach


Special Investigations is the first investigative firm ever to be formed out of the securities and financial services sector rather than from law enforcement, legal support services, or the federal government.

We have longstanding relationships and special capabilities that reach globally.

The range of our services is, as our firm name implies, quite specialized. Internal investigations, fraud, corporate board-level inquiries, movements of capital, money laundering, executive impropriety, forensic finance, whistleblower-generated inquiries, location services, and overseas operations are all among our core service areas offered to corporate and legal clients. 

Deep background checks—modeled along the lines of White House inquiry prior to a federal judicial appointment—are also among our available services.

Our investigators understand fiduciary duty. We have lived in the world of executive and board responsibility and we have personally taken real business risks.